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Men's Division

Forest Edit NewsHill Men's Softball plays on Friday nights from early July through September.  We have a maximum of 9 teams in the league and while we usually don't have room for any more teams, we always have room for new players that can register in April.

We are a fun league with decent competition, no umpires (we use a strike zone mat for balls and strikes) and we welcome players at all skill levels.

Thanks to all for a great season and a memorable 16 great years.

 2017 League Rules  2017 Schedule
 2017 Tournament Schedule FINAL
Scores as of 9/2/17




(This page has been accessed count me times since 1/2/2017. We had 1494 hits in 2016, 1372 hits in 2015, 1448 hits in 2014, 2670 hits in 2012 and 2013, 1189 hits in 2011, 1091 hits in 2010, 1228 hits in 2009, 1050 hits in 2008 and 1084 hits in 2007.)