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Rec Council meetings are on the 4th Monday of the month in the Forest Hill/HFG Activity Center.
All Forest Hill Rec Council correspondence should be mailed to:
P.O. Box 237
Forest Hill, MD 21050 

Concussion Information:
Concussion Fact Sheet
What should a coach do about if a concussion is suspected?
Signs and symptoms of a concussion
Fact sheet for parents
Summary of Maryland HB 858 and SB 771
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Rec Council Newsletter
The Forest Hill Recreation Council is no longer mailing out printed newsletters.  FHRC has decided to transition to an e-newsletter for two very important reasons. First, this is a positive step in decreasing our impact on the environment. Second, the print and postage cost savings can be used elsewhere to support recreation programs and activities.
If you have ever used the FHRC online registration process you will automatically receive the FHRC e-newsletter.   If you would like to get onto the Newsletter mailing list, click HERE.

General Announcements
Personal cars and trucks are NOT permitted on any field at any time except for emergency or for official business.  Driving a bag of sports equipment to a field because you don't feel like carrying it is not considered "offical business."  If you have equipment to bring to a field, you may NOT use your vehicle to get it there.  Pick it up and carry it yourself.  Violators will be subject to a fine, ridiculed unmercifully, and can be banned from future Rec Council activities. 
Vehicles are NEVER allowed to be parked on the grass or under the pavilion for ANY reason.  You will be asked to move.  If we allow one to park on the field, everyone will park on the field.
In addition, overnight parking at the Complex or Friends Park is not permitted.  Violators will be ticketed by the Harford County Sheriff's Department.
Please be kind to our Concession Stand volunteers and all who volunteer at Forest Hill Rec.  We are overworked, definitely underpaid, and are hopefully are appreciated for our tireless efforts, but do it because it's for our kids and our community. 
If you have a complaint or suggestion about any of our programs, we urge you to volunteer and do something to make a difference.  You will be surprised at how good it feels to give back, and have fun doing it.
Any information concerning vandalism or damage to Rec Council property should be reported to the Sheriff's Department and Parks and Rec for prosecution.  Call 911 immediately!
Note: 21 Rock Spring Church Rd is the physical address of the Complex, not the mailing address.
 Major Projects at Complex:
2003: Skinned Field 7.
2006: Installed batting cage.
2007: Scoreboards on all fields.
2008: Resodded Fields 1 and 4.  Installed Stone Wall near pavilion.
2009: Field 9 became a 90' multi-purpose diamond.
2010: Re-roof and gutters for pavilion.
2011: Electronic Scoreboard.
2012: Upgraded pavilion electricity.
2013: Resodded Fields 5 and 6.
2014: Opened Schuck's Rd Park.
2015: Replaced Field 4 fence.
This was the Forest Hill Rec Complex about 2008 before we moved Field 9 back 25 feet and skinned it.
All Forest Hill Rec Council correspondence should be mailed to:
P.O. Box 237
Forest Hill, MD 21050
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